Products are a certain type of Items. They can either be bought at the Counter, from Merchants or crafted at Crafting Stations.

Products can improve in their Quality.

Tailoring Station

The Tailoring Station is responsible for making clothing.

Name Resources Unlocks Buy Value Material Value Sell Value Profit (B/M) %Group
Icon shirtShirt 1x Wool 6Coin 4Coin 11Coin 5/7Coin 100
ClogsClogs 2x Wood Craft 20 Shirts1 8Coin 4Coin 14Coin 6/10Coin 100
TrousersTrousers 2x Linen Craft 36 Shirts1 15Coin 10Coin 24Coin 9/14Coin 100
ShoesShoes 1x Wool1x Leather Craft 20 Clogs 17Coin 11Coin 29Coin 12/18Coin 125
TunicTunic 2x Linen1x Wool Craft 32 Shirts1 23Coin 14Coin 39Coin 16/25Coin 125
Icon glovesGloves 2x Leather Craft 20 Trousers 21Coin 14Coin 36Coin 15/22Coin 125
Icon cloakCloak 2x Wool

1x Linen

1x Silk

Craft 25 Tunics 35Coin 21Coin 52Coin 17/31Coin 150
Icon bootsBoots 2x Leather1x Wool Craft 25 Shoes 28Coin 18Coin 51Coin 23/33Coin 150
Hat 2x Leather

1x Silk

Craft 25 Gloves 30Coin 19Coin 51Coin 21/32Coin

1 - 88 Total shirts need to be made: 20 for Clogs, then 36 for Trousers, then 32 for Tunic.


The Forge is responsible for all kinds of Metalworking.

Name Resources Value %Group
Icon nailsNails 1x Iron, 1x Wood 12 CoinsCoin 66.6


The stove makes use of grown crops to turn them into Products.

Name Resources Value %Group
Icon vegetableSoupVegetable Soup 1x Artichoke / Cauliflower / Beans / Asparagus 12 CoinsCoin 100
Porridge 1x Grain 12 CoinsCoin
Bread 2x Grain 23 CoinsCoin
Vegetable Stew

2x Potato

2x Artichoke / Cauliflower / Beans / Asparagus

26 CoinsCoin
Quiche 1x Artichoke / Cauliflower / Beans / Asparagus1x Cheese

1x Grain

28 CoinsCoin
Meat Stew

1x Meat

2x Potato

31 CoinsCoin

1x Apple

2x Blueberries

33 CoinsCoin


The Planter comes in 3 different sizes and turns Seeds into different types of Crops. They take different amount of days to grow and yield a certain amount.

Name Value Yield Days
PotatoPotato  9 CoinsCoin 2 2
ArtichokeArtichoke 12 CoinsCoin 4 4
AsparagusAsparagus 12 CoinsCoin Unknown 6
BeansBeans 12 CoinsCoin Unknown ?
CauliflowerCauliflower ?? CoinsCoin Unknown ?
GrainGrain 12 CoinsCoin 3 2
Icon blueberryBlueberries 9 CoinsCoin 4 3
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