Events can affect the price of buying and selling Resources and Products. They can either be random or seasonal.

The game always starts in Spring.

Seasonal Events

The Seasonal Events take 25 days each. After that the next season will start.

Title Description
SpringEvent.png Spring All flowers start to bloom, tool prices become higher, and food becomes cheaper.
SummerEvent.pngSummer It is summer time. Resources become more expensive, food becomes cheaper, and slightly more customers stop by.
AutumnEvent.pngAutumn All the leaves are brown. And the sales are great. Enjoy pricey clothing and cheaper resources.
WinterEvent.png Winter Let it snow. Food is more expensive, while clothes are cheaper. Less customers appear.

Random Events

Random Events appear randomly. They don't depent on specific seasons. The duration of those events is somewhat random except for Shopping Night which will always last one day.

Title Description Duration
KingsDayEvent.pngKing's Day King's Day is upon us, so customers buy fancy clothes and have a larger budget!  
RecessionEvent.pngRecession Economic activity is decreasing, all items sell for less. It'll take some time to recover.  
BoomEvent.pngEconomic Boom The economy is growing, so all prices are increased. Enjoy it while it lasts!  
Missing.pngHarvest Day The price of bread is up, customers will want to buy it and more customers will appear!  
Missing.pngFire A fire has broken out. This will affect the wood prices.  
Missing.pngFarmer Festival Farmers from all over meet up and share their wares! Increased demand and pricing for crops, and more customers will show up.  
WarEvent.pngWar War is upon us. Most things will become more expensive, especially bread and iron.  
Missing.pngTailor Convention Tailors are meeting up nearby to show off their skills! Demand and pricing for clothing and tailoring materials are up and more customers will visit the shop!  
Missing.pngShopping Night Your store is open for twice as long for one day. But more than double the normal customers will appear! 1 Day
BanditsEvent.pngBandits There are rumors of robber attacks. This may affect merchants. ~4 days
Missing.pngTournament A tournament is being held nearby. More customers will show up, tools are in higher demand and the prices of them are up! Swords become super valuable!
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